Speed Test should have separate user level association from global-homepage access

Lockszmith asked for this feature almost 3 years ago — 3 comments

Lockszmith commented almost 3 years ago

Right now, I can't have the global homepage accessible to guests and have the speed test accessible to registered users. This is because the Speed Test is a switch on the global homepage settings tab.

I would like to have an option to have a permanent message visible on the homepage, but have Speed Test accessible by registered users only.

leram84 commented over 2 years ago

Cause just added support for css id's for admin/user/guest. This means a LOT of these FR's are now possible with custom css. If you would like the speedtest button to be enabled ONLY for admin and user, you can add this to your custom css box .group-guest #startBtn {display: none;}. (You will need to be on Organizr v1.5 for this to work)

causefx commented over 2 years ago Admin

the is done in dev.

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