v2 - Mobile Calendar Improvement

sydtrakked asked for this feature 10 months ago — 3 comments

sydtrakked commented 10 months ago

Having a long vertical list that starts on the first day of the month is especially tedious to scroll through as the month goes by.

Suggestion: Start the calendar on today's date, have the ability to swipe or tap left/right to scroll horizontally to the previous/next day.

rob1998 commented 10 months ago

If you force install the branch, the list view should already start on today's date, it was starting on the first day of the month because of a bug. The suggestion you're talking about sounds more like the current day view (that's not available on mobile atm) and tapping the arrow buttons to navigate between days

| sydtrakked commented 10 months ago

Awesome! I installed the latest branch and it did resolve the calendar starting date which is nice but I would probably still want the choice for a current day view.

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