[v2] Add Tautulli Homepage item to show Library Statistics

christronyxyocum asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 7 comments

christronyxyocum commented over 1 year ago

Would be cool to have a Tautulli homepage item for v2 that would show basic Plex library stats like Tautulli does on its homepage.

| Artiume commented about 1 year ago

With this, could we add support for multiple Tautulli services running?

| tchucho commented 12 months ago

multiple Tautulli and if possible multi Plex/Emby servers

| henrywhitaker3 commented 12 months ago

I have used the custom html homepage item and the custom javascript (in settings -> customise) to make this functionality work. Here is a jsfiddle ( ) of it working. Just put in your tautulli link and your apikey. Then edit the section numbers in the getLibraryStats() function to get it to work

| henrywhitaker3 commented 12 months ago

Updated jsfiddle to make what your tautulli link should look like clearer:

| spicerackk commented 10 months ago

I tried to do this based on the code, and it wouldn't show me the Tautulli data on home page. I changed library ID's as well as the api key and link, but all it shows is 3 boxes based on the HTML code. What did I do wrong?

| spicerackk commented 10 months ago

Is the reason mine isn't working because there is no javascript tag in the html code? It can display what the HTML is telling to, but it doesn't know where to pull the data from, right?

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