Provide Method for Users to Select Which Plex Libraries They Can Access

vortexrap asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 3 comments

vortexrap commented over 2 years ago

It would be great if Organizr had a method of allowing users to choose which Plex Libraries are shared with them.


  • Plex Admin has multiple libraries but does not want to share them by default to users (e.g. anime, kids content)

Workflow would be:

  1. Admin would select which libraries are default (which libraries are automatically granted on new user inport)

  2. Admin would select which libraries are restricted (no opt in, Admin must manually grant)

  3. Admin would select which libraries are opt-in (Users can choose which to subscribe to)

  4. Organizr would provide a front end to allow users to select which libraries are available for subscription

  5. User can access front end via Organizr to select libraries

Potential features:

  • Tie in Organizr user system / role system which opens up additional libraries

  • On new user import, allow users to choose additional content libraries to add either directly through email or through email link/instructions

causefx commented over 2 years ago Admin

This shouldn't be too hard to do, it may need to be a plug in. I will keep this in mind.

TehMuffinMoo commented 4 months ago

I actually built this exact feature a couple of years ago in PHP and moved it behind Organizr a few months ago when I started using it.

I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for me to port the code over to be an integrated feature of Organizr.

I’ve got a little vid of it below, it’s incredibly dirty (No time with kids to make it prettier!) but it has done the job!

I’ll see what I can do.. :-)

It essentially uses your Plex admin token to pull a list of libraries/user shares, and update them accordingly. There’s a php array you can add the library names to you want to exclude users from being able to choose, but it would be easy enough to make it an include instead

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