Single Sign On (SSO) via OpenID Support

Ryonez asked for this feature 11 months ago — 2 comments

Ryonez commented 11 months ago

Option to authenticate via OpenID.

I've got a few sites I use that I've managed to configure using Keycloak. Keycloak supports authentication with OpenID and SAML, but not LDAP. It can apparently communicate with LDAP, but the last 8 hours trying to connect Keycloak with LDAP and LDAP with Organizr has been a trail.

Trying to set up another authentication system to authenticate with my actual authentication system has become to much for me, it isn't working. Having support for OpenID would be great, and would cut a lot of work out that's causing trouble. And because it's a standard that works for lots of different systems, it'd benefit a lot of people.

causefx commented 11 months ago Admin

I will look into OpenID

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