Show season and episode number at "Recently added" on the homepage

KevinBarselaar asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 5 comments

KevinBarselaar commented over 2 years ago

| christronyxyocum commented over 2 years ago

Perhaps some more info displayed on the pop-up from clicking on a tile. It is kinda goofy if you add a whole show/season and you just see 24 tiles of the same thing with no info to differentiate them.

| gilbN commented over 2 years ago

Yeah. Perhaps condense the tiles after 3 and have it list the episodes on the popup? Don't know if that's feasible though.

goldenpipes commented over 2 years ago

Filter out seasons if more than one season was recently added.

causefx commented over 2 years ago Admin

it will only show one tile if there are more than 1 of the same show and season, they only time it shows multiple is if its more than one season.

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