User groups and cookie passwords

tanjer45 asked for this feature 6 months ago — 6 comments

tanjer45 commented 6 months ago

Now that we have Plex auth and automatically can add users if they are authenticated we maybe need som more struckture on our users. Currently the user groups are Admin and Users.

What i want is to deligate users to diffrent user groups,, and depending on the group, give them diffrent cookie passwords.

This give us the option to lock down diffrent services depending on wich user you are logged in as.

causefx commented 6 months ago Admin

groups are planned, should be an easy fix.

| untotren commented 4 months ago

@CauseFX, any ETA/update on this easy fix?

| STX2k commented 3 months ago

Any Update ?

| some-guy-23 commented 3 months ago

This would be good, mostly to have more finite control over what tabs are shown to which users. Right now there's only control of guests vs users. Would like to have some tabs show up only for Admin.

Fr00t commented about 1 month ago


If you uncheck both guest and user, the tab is only visible for admins :)

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