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HTPC/Homelab Services Organizer - Written in PHP

Ability to request comics

Created 9 days ago by elmerfdz


Created about 1 month ago by STX2k

Theme-color meta tag in header

Created about 2 months ago by regoras

More LDAP features

Created 2 months ago by D347HxD

Icon Packs in the Marketplace

Created 2 months ago by Archmonger

Add Mylar to homepage

Created 3 months ago by m00n22

Pushover Notifications

Created 7 months ago by beenhazed

Bring Back Split Screen in V2

Created 8 months ago by Dazzler1985

Add support for qBittorrent

Created 10 months ago by markheloking

Add an offline/local mode

Created 10 months ago by OliverParoczai