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Name Description Features Votes
kerberos-io/machinery An image processing framework, which uses your USB-, IP- or RPi-camera to recognize events (e.g. motion). 34 286
kerberos-io/cloud Request features or report issues for our cloud application. 15 81

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
kerberos-io/machinery Automatic IP camera detection in network 20 Implement ONVIF protocol for automatic IP camera detection
kerberos-io/machinery Zone detection 47 A zone that can be selected and count how many objects are inside the zone. Use cases are: - parking places, which shows if a parking place is free or occupied. - queues, count the number of people which are in a queue.
kerberos-io/machinery List all connected USB cameras 8 List all connected USB cameras in a dropdown
kerberos-io/machinery Script IO device 2 Execute a custom bash script
kerberos-io/machinery Video IO Device 7 Make it possible to record video, and visualise it in the web interface.
kerberos-io/machinery Easier configuration of settings 0 A basic settings page which is more accessible for users. Hide the different stages (algorithms, expositors, ..) and replace by sliders (e.g. low-medium-high sensitivity).
kerberos-io/machinery Other inputs than capture device 6 Make it possible to trigger the machinery by another device e.g. a PIR sensor. Other examples would be: - GPIO input - TCP input - REST API input - On config XML update
kerberos-io/cloud Better integration of 2FA and ability to restore 2FA token or disable it. 1
kerberos-io/cloud Share a guest account (read-only) 4 An account owner can create a guest account which he can share with other people so they have a read-only view. After sign into the guest account, the guest will only see activity and have no possibility to see credentials or update any kind of information.
kerberos-io/cloud Different notifications channels (email, slack) 15 Have the ability to only send notifications from specific camera instances. Also integrate notification channels like slack, email, etc.
kerberos-io/machinery rpi-softap easily configure wifi 0 https://github.com/msolters/rpi-softap copied from http://feathub.com/kerberos-io/cloud/+4 by drphil3d
kerberos-io/machinery Support MQTT 23 Read discussion why and how on: https://github.com/kerberos-io/machinery/issues/62


Project Feature Comment When
kerberos-io/machinery MultiCam Dashboard/Overview Thanks all for your comments, I've opened an issue to work on this. Any suggestions are welcome! https://github.com/kerberos-io/web/issues/116 about 13 hours ago
kerberos-io/machinery Ability to update KiOS via GUI or CLI hey @espresso, how do you mean? We already have an upgrade strategy. https://doc.kerberos.io/2.0/installation/upgrade about 1 month ago
kerberos-io/machinery Integrate with HomeKit hi @johan great idea, I'll investigate this request. 3 months ago
kerberos-io/machinery Support MQTT fixed in KiOS v2.5.0 4 months ago
kerberos-io/machinery Support MQTT A class has been created for implementing the MQTT Io device. https://github.com/kerberos-io/machinery/blob/develop/include/kerberos/machinery/io/IoMQTT.h https://github.com/kerberos-io/machinery/blob/develop/src/kerberos/machinery/io/IoMQTT.cpp 7 months ago
kerberos-io/cloud Live stream view we are working on this, I expect this to be available with the new version of the cloud app. 7 months ago
kerberos-io/cloud rpi-softap easily configure wifi moved to http://feathub.com/kerberos-io/machinery/+21 8 months ago
kerberos-io/machinery Cam name in header fixed. 8 months ago
kerberos-io/machinery KIOS with read only file system already enabled 9 months ago
kerberos-io/machinery Cam name in header Love it. 10 months ago
kerberos-io/machinery Give Raspberry Température Sellig28, how do you see the activation function. This is probably something you want to write your own? 12 months ago
kerberos-io/machinery Zone detection we'll start working on this but need more practical use cases. @pyrog thanks for the wind speed measuring application. about 1 year ago
kerberos-io/machinery DVR support @linuxmaster can you give more detailed explanation, I'm curious about the use case. about 1 year ago


Vote When Project Feature
8 months ago kerberos-io/machinery Configuration reset button in web
10 months ago kerberos-io/machinery Cam name in header
about 1 year ago kerberos-io/machinery Other inputs than capture device
over 1 year ago directus/directus MongoDB Support
over 1 year ago directus/directus UI: New WYSIWYG