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jellyfin/jellyfin Improve config handling 1 Not sure I have a solution, but the configuration could jellyfin could do with an improvement. I would like to use my Kubernetes cluster to host Jellyfin. The "correct" way to configure it would be ConfigMaps or environment for Jellyfin's config. However, currently, the config volume contains 11785 files. ``` [chris@ovirt01 emby]$ find config/ -type f | wc -l 11785 ``` Even ignoring the config/metadata folder and I have nearly 300 files. This includes a huge amount of stuff that is simply cache, metadata and defaults. These have no place in the config directory. By all means this directory can be mounted as a volume, but should be called something else (metadata?). Config needs to come from a (ideally) a single file and/or environment variables.


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