Solution to let PKC ignore watched status for PseudoTV and/or Tract

croneter asked for this feature almost 3 years ago — 6 comments

croneter commented almost 3 years ago Admin

Long story short, I use Trakt to track my watched status of my libraries, since it remembers whenever I install a new version of Kodi (for example).

Since I sometimes use Plex on my iPad to stream things, and Kodi at home, I use the Trakt plugins for each platform to record my watched status.

However, PseudoTV Live is just a kind of background "browsing" plugin I use, so I don't want to update my Trakt status while watching things, because of the nature of the plugin -- it acts as a kind of "live TV" browsing, so you might switch a channel to the middle of an episode.

PseudoTV Live has a setting to disable the Trakt plugin tracking, which is fine... that's what I want. However, due to PlexKodiConnect marking the episode as watched and then passing it to my Plex server, the Plex Trakt plugin then updates the watched status, which is wrong.

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| JimRorie commented over 2 years ago

I have a simpler case for this. We use PKC to sync between all the TV's in our house. However, we occasionally fall asleep to episodes in the bedroom. Last night we autoplayed an entire season. Plex wont let you disable this and the feature was requested around 2012. :/

| poprokx commented over 2 years ago

I would like a way to turn off the watched tags/on deck progress tracking.... has anyone found a way for this?

To the people who keep saying "i don't understand why...." its simple, PsuedoTv takes your content and mimics live channels. I use it to watch random stuff or leave things in the background. Flicking through channels creates a mess on the on deck feature and loses track of your progress on shows, so when I go back to my plex its a mess and not where i left off.

why don't i just use kodi native library? simple the scrappers for tv isn't working right for me right now (never had this issue before) and none of my shows pop up. So I decided to try this plugin to manage my library easier as im a plex user anyways and enjoy the server concept.

| poprokx commented over 2 years ago

sorry, realizing this is a hub for feature requests you want to keep track off. i was reading the title and thought it had a solution available

| poprokx commented over 2 years ago

QUICK FIX/WORKAROUND: Sign up a new user on, share your sever library with the new user (no need to make a new sever), login to PlexKodiConnect with your new user. Setup channels in PsuedoTv, it will no longer change your watch list/on deck on your main sever and have its own separate database for that.

Now this wont work if you want to still track show progress in kodi obviously, the only workaround for that is use the official plex app and drop using the native tv/movie library and PKC to access. This will allow you login to a different account (you main account). so that PlexKodiConnect is used to connect to your second account (syncing your main library to kodi and make available to psuedo tv with separate ondeck/watched) and plex official will be used to access your main plex server with proper ondeck info.

This is what I came up with using a little brain power, hope this comes useful for anyone else who might be trying to do the same thing... now to big question is what happends when my internet connection is down if lol if i have trouble accessing my content

louisefindlay23 commented about 1 year ago

In the title it says Tract not Trakt

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