Ability to set buffer when transcoding

croneter asked for this feature 8 months ago — 3 comments

croneter commented 8 months ago Admin

I end up in places with quite variable internet fluctuating from 500kbps to 8mbps from minute to minute (yay hotel WiFi) so it would be really handy to have a "buffer X minutes" during playback.

As I understand it when Plex is transcoding it will do X amount at 100% cpu then back off and encode at a lower percentage once it has enough, this is controllable via the server options.

However it is up to the client to make the requests for chunks of the transcoded files from the server which from my estimates are somewhere around 30-60 seconds worth so even if I tell the server to encode 10mins full tilt this doesn't relate to 10 minutes client side. As you can imagine watching a 2 or 3 mbps stream with variable bandwidth involves a lot of stopping and starting which could be avoided (mostly) with a decent buffer, unfortunately the speeds aren't quite enough for reliable direct play as that would sort this out!

Ideally I would like to set this via the Kodi cache setting (in advancedsettings.xml), or from an option within PKC where I can set a value for how many seconds/minutes to cache.

croneter commented 8 months ago Admin

advancedsettings.xml does not change the current behaviour and still only buffers the next section from the server.

croneter commented 5 months ago Admin

Should be implemented starting with PKC version 1.7.9

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