Add 'Set Filter' setting => Plex Collection is Kodi Set or Tag

onwebltd asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 3 comments

onwebltd commented over 2 years ago

PKC reads Plex collections into both tag and set fields. Could there be a "SetFilter" option in settings that puts any with this text into Sets and the rest into Tags, or if left empty just put in both (so as to not affect existing output), getting them all in both is a pain. e.g I would use SetFilter = " Set" to catch "Alien Set" but "Fav" would end up in Tags.

Using the XBMCnfoMoviesImporter both Set & Tag fields in nfo files are imported into Plex Collections as there's nowhere else for them to go.

croneter commented over 2 years ago Admin

You are proposing a technical solution already. Problem is, I do not yet understand what you are trying to do or to achieve ultimately. Could you shed some light on your "real" motivation, why you would want to do this?

| onwebltd commented over 2 years ago

The motivation is to keep sets and tags separated within Kodi, even though they end up merged in Plex. Otherwise you start to see files grouped as Sets in Kodi based on tags when they shouldn't be, rendering using sets redundant as navigation becomes too difficult.

e.g: I use Kodi style .nfo's to populate Plex data using the XBMCnfoMoviesImporter, this stores both tags and sets as collections in Plex. I name all the sets ending in the word "Set" e.g: "Alien Set" so when seeing them in a list it's clearer. Plex itself just uses collections as a filter, it doesn't display them grouped as Kodi does so within Plex interface having them grouped is less of an issue.

I therefore proposed if a simple filter could be added into settings where I could type in the word " set" (case insensitive and prefixed with a space in my case). PKC would then store all Plex collections containing this filter as Sets in Kodi and the rest as tags. This would therefore not affect any existing users who chose to leave it unpopulated, but would enable tags & sets to be used as intended within Kodi.

E.G: One tag I do use is "Played" to mark files as played so should a need arise to rescan data, Plex can be filtered on this and easily re-marked as played. Another tag use is to mark favorites for different users e.g: JS, MS, DS (people's initials) so then different users can filter music files. Again if data gets wiped the nfo files will always exist as a master to easily recreate things.

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