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jknight2014 asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 8 comments

jknight2014 commented over 2 years ago

I know getting watched updates instantly is a feature that the PMS is missing. It's really my only reason for not using PKC at the moment. I very often start something in one room and want to continue it in another. I currently am using Kodi's mysql function. I was using emby but switched to plex for better transcoding support and better roku and TV apps.

Would it be possible to make a plugin for the server that would push updates the same way emby does.

croneter commented over 2 years ago Admin

Could you please open an issue on Github for this? Really should work already!!

croneter commented over 2 years ago Admin

As usual - share logs ;-). Best play something on one Plex client. Record the log on PKC, where the playstate updates do NOT come through

| eatemalive commented over 2 years ago

I just signed up to ad my support for this request. I believe it to refers to an instant update to devices running Plexkodiconnect if their is a play state update on other "official" PMS player/server. ie: if watching something on your phone on the plex app, stop it half way and resume it on the plex kodi connect box. The emby add-on does this perfectly even with cover changes etc. Correct me if im wrong but at the moment we need to wait until the scheduled update sync for the information to be updated?

croneter commented over 2 years ago Admin

PKC should also already be doing exactly that. Could you please share logs?

| jknight2014 commented about 2 years ago

Hi Croneter, According to your readme, watched status is only updated on delta syncs. "Toggle the viewstate of an item to (un)watched outside of Kodi" under Known Larger Issues.

| jknight2014 commented about 2 years ago

If that Is outdated I will install and try today.

croneter commented about 2 years ago Admin

Yes it should work - thanks for trying and letting me know :-)

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