PKC support for "Reset resume position"

croneter asked for this feature 10 months ago — 4 comments

croneter commented 10 months ago Admin

I think this is new I don't remember seeing it on Kodi 17. If you reset the resume position using that option when you restart Kodi the resume position goes back to where is was. If it's not a bug can it be a feature request. When I hit Reset resume position it should mark it unplayed in Plex

croneter commented 10 months ago Admin

Basically marks it was unwatched, removes the Resume from 00:21:08 so it plays from the start the next time it plays

EDIT: Here's the PR that had it added

croneter commented 10 months ago Admin

| pceiley commented about 2 months ago

Loving the add on so far. This feature is important as it results in confusion when it is toggled in Kodi and then overwritten later when the connector syncs the progress back from Plex. It results in movies temporarily disappearing from the continue watching section and magically reappearing again. If you don't know what's going on it can drive you mad 😀

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