Add support for Plex Skip intro

fvlaicu asked for this feature 11 months ago — 9 comments

| harveyphan commented 7 months ago

It would be nice if we have this skip intro function.

| sirloinofbeef commented 7 months ago

This feature has been added do Kodi's 'Composite' addon, so should be doable in time.

| justonemorething commented 6 months ago

Please add this. This has quickly become one of Plex’s most important features.

| PoppyS33d commented 3 months ago

Just popped in here to ask if this is still in the cards. Would love it!

russ9898 commented 3 months ago

I too would also love this feature if it can be implemented.

| Alenael commented 3 months ago

Would love to see this too!

| jyourstone commented 2 months ago

+1 on this!

croneter commented 2 months ago Admin

Implemented with PKC version 3.0.9 and (BETA) 2.12.14

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