Hide tray icon

h-crocker asked for this feature 3 months ago — 4 comments

h-crocker commented 3 months ago

Add the option to hide/disable the system tray icon as it doesn't serve much purpose when not allowing application to run in background

| cstayyab commented 3 months ago Admin

It does allow WALC to run in background. Can you please clarify your opinion?

| h-crocker commented 2 months ago

I hope this provides better context; If a user doesn't want to run WALC in the background, the tray icon serves little purpose and so an option could be provided to hide it

| antlps commented 21 days ago

This feature request is similar to Telegram Desktop's feature to not use tray icons at all. If the user wishes, he/she can just minimize the window when using the app and close/exit the app once he/she's finished.

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