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Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
tidusjar/Ombi Shutdown & Restart menu items 3 Admin: Shutdown and Restart menu items, please.
tidusjar/Ombi Config backup 2 Config backup: both automatic as well as a button to manually backup to local drive or remote server.
tidusjar/Ombi Service installer 9 Include a service installer .exe that automates the nssm commands to setup and start Ombi.exe as a service. Is this possible? Can it be done for all OSs?
tidusjar/Ombi Duplicate request - User option: Add a switch to set which page loads at login 0 My apologies, there is another request for this. http://feathub.com/tidusjar/Ombi/+49 User editor: Add a field or checkbox to set which page the user sees when they login. Example: I would like to have my admin go straight to the Requests page immediately after logon instead of the Search page.
tidusjar/Ombi Halt update notification -1 There is no way to silence the update notification. Suggestion: after clicking the update notification, the notification will no longer be displayed - even if the user does not update. Suggestion: Provide the user a way to turn off notifications. (I don't even see a scheduled update job)
tidusjar/Ombi Request Fault Queue needs delete buttons next to each fault 1 Request Fault Queue needs delete buttons next to each fault
tidusjar/Ombi Additional filter needed for hiding approved requests 1 There is not a way to filter out Approved requests. "Not Approved" ≠ 'not yet approved'. "Not Approved" = 'rejected'. Once a request is approved, it should do some cool fade away shrink thing to the background and be "Archived" - or something like that. The user could then enable a filter called "Archived" - or whatever, and see their approved AND rejected requests. Something like that. I'm sure you have a more elegant way of hiding approved requests.
Radarr/Radarr Movie info screen: Add a Predb indicator 2 On the movie's info page it would be helpful to see a colored Predb indicator that is also a link to Predb. This indicator would look like the "missing" indicator where it changes color based on availability. Clicking the indicator would take you to Predb.me just like the IMDB indicator takes you to IMDB.
Radarr/Radarr Calendar: Year View 0 I would like to request a third option on the calendar page to show the entire calendar year (e.g. 2017) displayed in months. Yes, this would require scrolling, but it would give the user a big-picture overview of upcoming movies. Yes, sort of like the List view but in calendar format. Design: You could put two months on a single row to reduce scrolling. Each day with a movie release would show a colored bar corresponding to the legend. The day could then be clicked (since it would be so too small for text) and it would then popup a larger view of that day with the movie titles which would be clickable and would take you to the movie's info page.


Project Feature Comment When
tidusjar/Ombi Change user login process Also, after entering the user and password, it would be helpful if the Enter button functioned to submit the field. ex: enter the password, press enter and login is triggered. As it is now, you must mouse over to the sign-in button to get it to activate. 8 months ago


Vote When Project Feature
6 months ago Radarr/Radarr Calendar improvements
7 months ago Radarr/Radarr Do not download before release date
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Additional filter needed for hiding approved requests
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Send a notification back to the user who requested media, once it is approved / declined.
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Allow Users to Report Issues per Episode or per Season for TV Shows
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Service installer
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Put Username and Password fields on one screen (Login)
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Config backup
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Shutdown & Restart menu items
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Redirect admin login to requests
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Version release zip file
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Link to Ombi on top of Newsletter
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Send an email when adding new user