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lehha asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 2 comments

lehha commented about 2 years ago

Add allow to fields options a Style-option with CSS/anything that allow change style of input field. Like a text color, background-color, input size, etc. It may be a closed-list of styles, not a free css input (users can broke all:) And allow to colorize table cell in Items List.

It will be WOW and GREAT!

benhaynes commented almost 2 years ago Admin

We PARTIALLY have this now since we're releasing 6.4 now. In the new WYSIWYG Full interface you can define custom formats and then also define the CSS of them. This allows you to manage custom code/styles in content.

If you want to change the appearance of the actual directus input then you would need to create a new Interface (could be a copy of the existing one) and change the CSS. We want to keep these standardized so there's no reason to make this an option.

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