Folders for Directus Files

benhaynes asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 3 comments

benhaynes commented over 3 years ago Admin

On the files page, currently all files are shown in one large list – ideally we should add folders to this view. Basically I imagine there are new records in the directus_files that are "folders" instead of files:

Something like: We add a "folderparent" column to "directusfiles" – every folder has this value set to NULL (root) or another folder (nested folder), and all files have it set to the folder that it is contained within.

Visually these folders should have some meta data displayed on them (number of files, etc) and all files and folders should be drag&droppable.

nums commented about 3 years ago

How can you identify the DB on which the user logs on to the API?

Maybe like that ? curl -d "email=user@directus.local&password=pass123&db=mydb"

nums commented about 3 years ago

Sorry not the right topic :(

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