Manage Multiple Databases

benhaynes asked for this feature almost 4 years ago — 3 comments

benhaynes commented almost 4 years ago Admin

This would be a global dropdown to change the DB you're connected to.

@hrwebasst: I'd suggest moving this further up the issue list. I have a use case that is probably pretty common. Installing automatically in my docker instance with my site download for development purposes. I have already easily bypassed the login and can add the schema in by default but it would be nice if Directus could be simply pointed at a database the user had perms for so that I can bake this for all of my users.

tl;dr Directus has own database points to one or multiple sub-databases on install would be awesome.

nums commented over 3 years ago

How can you identify the DB on which the user logs on to the API?

Maybe like that ? curl -d "email=user@directus.local&password=pass123&db=mydb"

rw3iss commented over 1 year ago

Hey Ben, this would be great. Obviously to utilize one install to act as a CMS for many different sites living on a server. Would be nice to have even a crude implementation for now, ie. just something as simple as adding a 'domain' or 'site' select dropdown on the login page, letting us logout, and relogin to choose a different site, which just tells the backend which DB to use. Can't imagine that'd be hard. Maybe I could help with that implementation if you think it would suffice for now, as I'd love to use it personally.

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