benhaynes asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 10 comments

benhaynes commented over 3 years ago Admin

Love the simplicity of this – it'd be great to have a second WYSIWYG UI option (or improve the current one).

| luminarious commented over 3 years ago

Right now, and have the best editor UX. Both use floating toolbars that only show relevant buttons, depending on wether you're at the start of a new line or have selected some text.

| benhaynes commented over 3 years ago Admin

I agree @luminarious – though I think it's important to have a few additional features such as inline images, etc. But that is also handled by including an HTML/Markdown option (as Tumblr does).

| michaelnagy commented over 3 years ago

This is really needed. Just bold, italic and underline is like you don't really have a WYSIWYG...

| luminarious commented over 3 years ago

@benhayes Both of them handle inline images, Webflow even has multiple image alignment/ size options.

Also, here is a relatively current list of open-source WYS-editors:

| benhaynes commented over 3 years ago Admin

We've added this to GitHub as an issue to help gain traction.

| benhaynes commented over 3 years ago Admin

Additionally, we have opened up a BountySource item for $250 to try and get a quality UI built more expeditiously.

Zilus commented about 3 years ago

Any news on this?

| benhaynes commented almost 3 years ago Admin

One of the major updates in 6.4 is the new WYSIWYG editors. We have an Inline version (based on Medium) and an full-featured version (TinyMCE). We are abandoning the existing custom version in favor of these new options – although it could easily be migrated to 6.4 if you want to continue using it.

We will continue to evolve these editors, but the hard part has been done. A big thank you to @rijkvanzanten (our Interface Lead) for making these updates.

paulagnivo commented about 1 year ago

I am still unable to find a way to insert images in WYSIWYG editor.

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