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benhaynes commented almost 3 years ago Admin

Just a reminder for later: This might be a bad idea or against the mentality of Backbone's data model – but some of these optimizations feel cleaner and less bloated. Any thoughts @WellingGuzman ? If we were to change the schema this drastically I would want to do it before any announced release.

  • directus_bookmarks Should this become a JSON string saved within directus_users->bookmarks?
  • directus_ip_whitelist Should this become a JSON string (ip, description) saved within directus_groups->ip_whitelist?
  • directus_settings and directus_storage_adapters Would there be any advantage to the following tables being combined into a JSON string?
  • directus_social_feeds and directus_social_posts Are these actually used by core directus or are those utility tables?
  • directus_tab_privileges Should this become a JSON string saved within directus_groups->default_nav_blacklist?
  • directus_ui Should this table be turned into a JSON string within directus_columns->ui-options? Probably not... since currently it saves/remembers the settings from previously set UIs.

benhaynes commented almost 3 years ago Admin

I wonder about the directusstorageadapters table too... when deploying a site to production or updating all data in the database this table is always excluded since it's tied to the server directories. Should this storage adapter data move to the untracked config/configuration file? The only downside is that that directus_files references the storage adapter in the DB.

benhaynes commented almost 3 years ago Admin

Welling Says:

About directusstorageadapters this is a little bit extra code, but we can create a php code that runs after we git push to production, and there we can update table with default values or something else.

But first, when you deploy to production how do the files and directories are pushed to the production server? via git or ftp or something else?

I'm still reading more about this so I could give some ideas about the table to JSON subject.

benhaynes commented almost 3 years ago Admin

Just another note to change "snapshots" to "bookmarks" throughout the system. Snapshots seems to imply that the data within won't change... in reality these are simply bookmarks to specific filtered pages.

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