Node JS API (Server side)

WellingGuzman asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 6 comments

WellingGuzman commented about 4 years ago

Alternative to PHP API (server side)

| aarmand commented almost 4 years ago

I dont know php....

| Froelund commented over 3 years ago

I am currently using directus-sdk-javascript in my nodejs service, and that works great. I Can't really figure out why it would be a good idea to create a Node JS API (Server side) - So please enlighten me :)

| rijkvanzanten commented over 3 years ago

@Froelund, it would be primarily a big speed-improvement. Node's event-driven single-threaded IO is blazingly fast when it comes to database operations.

| Froelund commented over 3 years ago

Okay. I could buy that - But I'm not sure that a nodeJS would prove faster then PHP in this scenario . If it is faster, and it might be, I think for the sake of a project architecture, we should be going for either PHP or nodeJS Server Side library. Are these things specified somewhere? Seems to me, that the title should say "Move to NodeJS"?

| indiecore-fm commented over 2 years ago

Okay then offer us both php and nodejs as a choice. Because this is a great headless CMS, but php is not where a lot of us are heading.

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