Group Privileges - view/edit group entries

doughnet asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 3 comments

doughnet commented over 2 years ago

Right now directus is able to edit ALL or USER submitted entries. It would be great if entries could view/edit/delete/add based upon a GROUP (since groups already have to be used for users). So GroupA can view anything that bob/stacey/jeff added but can't see what GroupB added as tony/troy/tina.

| benhaynes commented over 2 years ago Admin

I like this – I've designed it into the next release and am drafting Docs for it too...

| benhaynes commented almost 2 years ago Admin

We have the ability to set permissions by users (eg: SMALL-VIEW) but it would be good to have a "MEDIUM-VIEW" where you can limit to the GROUP. (adding this from another duplicate ticket)

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