What is FeatHub all about?

FeathHub is a feature requests tracker. It helps software developers and their users communicate efficiently.

You're a software developer

You'd like to get input from your users, but cannot materially speak with each of them. FeatHub gives you a bird's eye view of what your users want.

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You're an involved user

If the sofware you use is on FeatHub, you can get your voice heard! Suggest new ideas and vote on existing ones.

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Frequently asked questions

How is it different from a bug tracker?

Bug trackers, such as GitHub's issue tracker, are very good at tracking problems but not so good at tracking enhancements. Indeed, the number of people noticing a certain bug is only part of the equation: imagine a bug that would randomly destroy the device of 1% of your users. That'd be a pretty terrible bug even if it only happened quite rarely.

Feature requests, on the other hand, are much more vote-driven: a feature is more likely to be relevant if many of your users are craving it.

Why GitHub-connected?

We don't want people to game the system by voting multiple times, so we have to identify voters. Given GitHub is becoming the de facto standard platform for everything code-related, it makes sense to log users in with their GitHub account.