Allow the creation of an embeddable widget showing a project's features

Ecco asked for this feature over 6 years ago — 6 comments

Ecco commented over 6 years ago Admin

This would be pretty useful to show on a product's webpage for example.

| Ecco commented over 6 years ago Admin

We've added this feature!

You can now retrieve data from FeatHub either in JSON or in SVG.

  • To display an SVG representation of a project, just add ?format=svg to its URL. For example, you could add this line to your readme.md file on GitHub: [![Feature Requests](http://feathub.com/feathub/feathub?format=svg)](http://feathub.com/feathub/feathub). This will embed something like this: http://feathub.com/feathub/feathub?format=svg.
  • You can also get a JSON representation by either appending ?format=json to its URL or by passing a Accept: application/json HTTP header. You'll get something like http://feathub.com/feathub/feathub?format=json. This response is served with the appropriate CORS headers so you'll be able to hit it using JS code on your own page.

gaastonsr commented over 6 years ago

Hey man this is great. What about the ability to mark a feature request as resolved?

davidwaterston commented about 6 years ago

The widget looks great though I came across one minor issue. When you embed it in a readme.md using this syntax:

Feature Requests

and there are no features (as is the case with my repo at the moment as I've just set up FeatHub for it) then a 150px high transparent image is embedded, which results in a large area of white space.

davidwaterston commented about 6 years ago

Apologies but my last comment kind of proved my point. The syntax I was using was the regular Markdown.

| Ecco commented almost 6 years ago Admin

Indeed it does :-) Don't worry, and thanks!

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