Allow anonymous votes (without signing on GitHub)

Ecco asked for this feature over 6 years ago — 6 comments

Ecco commented over 6 years ago Admin

This might be of interest to some projects. Of course one couldn't guarantee the voting couldn't be gamed, but some projects may think it is worth the risk.

| keunes commented almost 6 years ago

Would be nice for developers to include it on their website, to give an opportunity to non-techies. I could also see a potential for including the voting from within an app itself; e.g. a special 'feature vote' screen in an Android app (based on webview). There, double votes could be (to some extent) be limited by an app-specific cookie (?) Still voters may be able to go online, log in and vote again, but a person could only vote twice (or more with multiple GitHub accounts). Guess it would be great if this could be a setting.

| astrofrog commented over 5 years ago

This would be great - Feathub could always provide a separate vote count for authenticated vs anonymous votes.

| spacem commented over 5 years ago

My users don't have github accounts and creating one is a hurdle to them voting or suggesting

| Betree commented about 3 years ago

Would be nice to have and as @astrofrog says, having two counters would avoid the risk.

Another solution to address this issue is adding the ability to login with other third-parties like Facebook or Google.

| xianshenglu commented about 1 year ago

Well, I think anonymous is important for more people to vote without worries. Also, I think anonymous can exist with github authentication at the same time.

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