Rely on GitHub issues as a data source

smiley asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 8 comments

smiley commented about 4 years ago

All issue tracking systems employ this voting mechanism in issues themselves. Now, obviously linking the two permanently (an issue is a suggestion is an issue) is bad as it'll flood the Issues section with suggestions, but at the very least a suggestion should be importable from (or linkable to) a GitHub issue.

| petergault commented almost 4 years ago

I would like to see this as a feature. All of my github issues should import into Feathub, like Waffle, and I should be able to vote on them.

| pdurbin commented over 3 years ago

I was excited to learn about FeatHub at https://github.com/isaacs/github/issues/9#issuecomment-149020275 but I assumed that the list of issues/features to vote on was coming from GitHub issues. Like Peter mentioned, this is how Waffle works, which is great. FeatHub seems like a good effort but without this integration I'm more likely to see if I can get the Waffle people to work more on the feature request to allow voting: https://github.com/waffleio/waffle.io/issues/126

| keunes commented over 3 years ago

This would be really great, indeed. To clear up the mess that exists in the issue tracker of some of the repositories, it might be good to enable a 'label' filter: only use the issues with the label 'feature request' and 'wishlist' as data source // exclude issues without a label and with the label 'bugfix'.

| adulau commented over 3 years ago

Linking a feature to existing open issues would be really nice.

| niemyjski commented about 3 years ago

Yes, I think this should be the data source and you could use the new like functionality on the first comment of the issue. That way when you are on github you can see who liked it and the count without coming here.

| mow4cash commented about 1 year ago

Is there any update on the possibility of this feature being added?

junfan commented 29 days ago

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