Add public github projects I do not own

Tug asked for this feature almost 6 years ago — 4 comments

Tug commented almost 6 years ago

Ecco commented almost 6 years ago Admin

This is already possible. First you'll need to sign-in with GitHub. Then just browse to "http://feathub.com/$OWNER/$REPO", using values from any GitHub repository.

| YellowApple commented almost 6 years ago

I tried the above suggestion, but it seems like it requires the repo to already be added to FeatHub.

Meanwhile, adding it through the "Import a project" link doesn't function properly (it's only showing repos from one of my orgs).

Ecco commented almost 6 years ago Admin

This feature has been removed! We should have guessed it, but project owners weren't happy with us offering interaction with their project without their prior consent.

For example, see this Twitter conversation: https://twitter.com/feathub/status/591715888782520320 .

FeatHub is now opt-in: project owners have to add their project before it is visible on FeatHub.

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