Import features from Github issues

AudriusButkevicius asked for this feature over 5 years ago — 2 comments

AudriusButkevicius commented over 5 years ago

We have a bunch of tickets that are tagged with 'New Feature' label. It would be nice to import them automatically.

| MichaIng commented almost 3 years ago

Doubles a bid with: https://feathub.com/feathub/feathub/+17

So yeah basically allowing auto import would be great. But I guess this would be a huge step and completely new thing, since FeatHub then regularly needs to scan all attached repos.

Another idea would be "only" an import button. So no auto scan needs to be done, but only if owner/contributor actively triggers it.

And last "weakest" solution: Only allow/force a field when opening a new requests where one can/needs to enter the URL of an open GitHub issue as reference.

And now I am thinking about this: Merge discussions from here and GitHub. Somehow ugly to have two parallel discussions going on then. But again a larger think and separate request ;).

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