Option: Fixed number of votes per user

ostyn asked for this feature over 6 years ago — 4 comments

ostyn commented over 6 years ago

As is, a user can vote on multiple issues, every issue! A option to limit the number of votes to a certain, owner-specified-number would be great.

Ecco commented over 6 years ago Admin

Oh, I see. This way you would make each vote "count more"… That's interesting!

That being said, since features are sorted by votes, if a user upvotes on every issue, she automatically removes any impact she might have had on the ordering…

gaastonsr commented over 6 years ago

I think this one is great. It makes you think what you would really like to see implemented first. And it would be great to recover that vote one it's marked as resolved. What do you think?

For example I've seen this implemented on the following way: you have 3 or 5 or X number of votes, you can assign 3 maximum to one feature and use the other as you want. Maybe 1 to 5 features, who knows?

I think I saw such implementation on DigitalOcean.

| Rick7C2 commented about 6 years ago

I agree! I recently came across the same issue that would have been prevented if this was implemented.


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