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SBK-Animations asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 2 comments

SBK-Animations commented over 1 year ago

I would like to know what video content is wanted the most by channel distributors, perhaps by showing most popular keywords, top selected videos or even a notice board where channel distributors can make requests for a particular genre or subject. It will help a lot with development decisions to know before hand what are the market needs.

filmhubhq commented 12 months ago Admin

That makes sense, although we don't want to open the door to "game the system". When entering tags you can see existing ones - best to select any existing ones. Tip: use a thesaurus to find relevant different terms and add those. Here's a help article about tags.

Note also that user submitted tags are only one of many factors how Filmhub's AI matces titles with channel buyers. Each channel has a specific profile. Our data doesn't show that there are tags more "popular" in general.

Closing this but feel free to re-open to keep discussing.

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