英伟达 / NVIDIA —— 北京/上海/深圳/香港/台北

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iXingo commented about 2 years ago

NVIDIA 是一家人工智能公司, 是全球视觉计算技术的行业领袖及GPU(图形处理器)的发明者。GPU(图形处理器)可在台式计算机、工作站、游戏机和更多设备上生成互动的图形效果,并且是加速计算,并行计算,智能计算的中坚力量。

kainy commented about 2 years ago

If it were too difficult to allow as the folder under root, window.location.href=''; how about a new macro/variable that lets us do something like {Movie TitleThe:1} that will use the first letter of the title, or some other customization (and NOT require {Movie Title} as a mandatory field)。。

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