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BurgerLUA/burgerstation utility magic:making magic less like infinite ammo guns 1 Magic needs to be a little bit more distinct from guns. spell ideas: ward spells: gives protection to the wizard at the cost of contrition and mana over time. robust ward: gives a little bit of everything when it comes to protection . hell ward: counter to fire damage blocks fire damage and stops you from being ignited . gunromancer ward: counters bullets but not much else. crystal ward: a very strong ward spell reflects projectiles back at the enemy. . curses: inflicts debuffs on a enemy for a time. curse of blight: gives the victim the zombie sickness can be cured by a zombie antidote. curse of doom: gives the victim high explosive res but makes them emit 3 tile wide explosions killing their friends for a bit. curse of weakness: lowers the victims stats for a bit. curse of jamming: jams the enemies gun for 10 seconds. . boons: buffing allies boon of life: increases the health regen of a ally for a bit. boon of arcane: increases max mana for a bit. boon of might: raises the allies a strength stat. . circles: a area around the caster is effected by this spell (cost alot of mana) circle of death: in a 3 tile range enemies take 10 dark damage every seconded for 6 seconds. circle of antimagic: in a 10 tile range enemies and allies mana total is lowered to 0 for 20 seconds. circle of enhancement: in a 15 tile range allies stats are buffed a little for 16 seconds. circle of elements: 15 tile range does random (fire ,frost ,lightning) (1-30 damage) elemental damage every three seconds to enemies for 30 seconds. circle of safety: 4 tiles range deletes any projectiles inside of it for 6 seconds. . cantrips: low cost spells blink: teleports the user to a position they can see (without eyes of god) frost ray: does a little damage but is mostly useful for making a tile slip any mob on top of it. sparks: ignites a enemy. gust of wind: blows a enemy 8 tiles away. banish: puts a enemy in stasis for 10 seconds (has a chance to fail on high stat enemies)


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3 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Basic Tomes Redone
3 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Expansion on the miscellanous skills such as Crafting and Alchemy