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Project Feature Score Description
Radarr/Radarr Add button to movie section to enable monitoring of a movie 2 Add a button on the movie section, per movie, so you can view the list of movies upcoming and in theatres and just click the button to make it monitored, instead of having to go into each individual movie
tidusjar/Ombi Default port to 5000? 0 Just wondering why the default port was changed to 5000? This conflicts with Synology default management port, so people who do internet port forwarding it causes an issue. Suggest to use either 3579 again or something not standard for people with HTPC setups
tidusjar/Ombi User request limit per week 1 Can we have it so that you can set a limit per user per week for movies and TV episodes? A ultimate limit like exists doesn't do much but if I could set it to 5 movies per week per user, that would be awesome! Then I wouldn't even need to manually approve them!
tidusjar/Ombi IMDB Rating on Movie Search 4 When you search for a movie, can on the main result page it show the IMDB or even better Rotten Tomatoes rating? Clicking on the link and going to the TMDB doesn't do anything, as nobody rates anything there. Thanks! Awesome software BTW!!


Project Feature Comment When
tidusjar/Ombi Custom Email Name Agreed, I would love this. You can do this in Sonarr and Radarr, with using something like: Ombi Notification <> and it works just fine and Gmail accepts it. about 3 years ago
Radarr/Radarr Have all movies in a single folder. I also need this feature for my movies. No folders option please. over 3 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
about 3 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Custom Email Name
over 3 years ago Radarr/Radarr Option to Toggle Monitored status after download completion
over 3 years ago Radarr/Radarr Have all movies in a single folder.
over 3 years ago Radarr/Radarr Delete folder from source after moving the file
over 3 years ago Radarr/Radarr