Selection of non-consecutive cells

krzysztofspilka asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 7 comments

krzysztofspilka commented about 2 years ago Admin

| avilaton commented about 2 years ago

We would love to have this as a feature. Currently we are doing it on our own code but it is not working very well for large tables and not handling events consistently.

krzysztofspilka commented almost 2 years ago Admin

That might be useful, indeed. A lot of work too (for instance, what to do with fill handle then, value propagation etc.).

| xfight0 commented over 1 year ago

How long it is expected to be completed ? We all want to use the feature :)

DovAmir commented over 1 year ago


ricardomaiola commented 8 months ago


| lucamaral commented 8 months ago


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