GabiAxel asked for this feature about 5 years ago — 3 comments

GabiAxel commented about 5 years ago

Create and embed charts from the spreadsheet content with a similar experience to common spreadsheet software.

krzysztofspilka commented about 5 years ago Admin

@GabiAxel do you think of something specific like amCharts or HighCharts?

| GabiAxel commented about 5 years ago

I think there are plenty of free open source solutions that would do fine. No reason to use paid options that would increase costs. The most comprehensive charting library I used is ECharts - it has tons of chart customisation options for each chart type and it's the only open source library I found that allows rendering both as canvas and as image in the browser, which would be useful when exporting the chart (either by itself or as part of the spreadsheet) without server rendering.

Whatever charting library is used, the important thing is Excel compatibility - when I tell my users they should drop Excel and edit their spreadsheet directly in my app, they want to be able to import their existing spreadsheets, export them back to XLS(X), and not lose major functionality, one of which is charting.

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