Sorting on multiple columns

krzysztofspilka asked for this feature about 5 years ago — 5 comments

krzysztofspilka commented about 5 years ago Admin

| YipYipX4 commented about 5 years ago

This important feature should be a lot easier to implement than some of the other feature requests.

You just need a sort algorithm that preserves existing order for rows that match on the column being sorted, and then sort the columns in the opposite order that the user clicked and shift+clicked. Thus, if the user clicks on "Last Name" and then shift+clicks on "First Name", you will first sort by "First Name", then sort by "Last Name" (while preserving existing order for rows that have matching values for "Last Name"). You will then have a table with rows sorted by Last Name and any matching Last Name values will be sorted by First Name (but you don't need to individually sort these groups). The same applies for any number of columns.


| yiyzhang commented almost 5 years ago

It will be really nice to have this feature added. Cannot wait to try out hiis new feature. Thanks!

sclcxn commented almost 5 years ago

Looking forward to have enhanced sort feature with fixed header row.

| sandys commented almost 5 years ago

please consider using github.com/crossfilter/crossfilter to implement this.

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