New cell types

krzysztofspilka asked for this feature about 5 years ago — 4 comments

krzysztofspilka commented about 5 years ago Admin

krzysztofspilka commented about 5 years ago Admin

This could be some of the following: (progress (up-down, left-right), stars, tel number, icon - button, tick icon ( custom states - true, false, custom), QRcode, ip number, number spinner, file size, rich text editor, video, audio, switch, google map, time (not a date!), email, range + switch to native formats on mobile devices, color picker,

| magnusohlin commented about 5 years ago

We are in deep need of multiple selection input. For example a cell that has autocomplete, where you can add more than one value.

| pdemilly commented almost 5 years ago

Right now I save cell values as a stringify json and have a special renderer to render a string representation of the object. Could be so much easier if we could define a type 'object' or such which needs to define toString() .

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