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croneter/PlexKodiConnect Compatibility with HelloHue Philips light control channel 2 I use the following channel to turn my Philips Hue lights on and off while watching a movie: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/193095/rel-hellohue-1-1-8-4-sync-and-control-your-philips-hue-lights-with-plex/p1 It works quite well with Kodi/PKC except for one thing. when you fast forward through the movie, a "pause" command is being sent via web sockets to the channel causing it, in my case to turn on a set of lights (I have the channel set to turn on a light when paused so a family member can see where they are going if getting a snack or going to the bathroom). The dev of the channel has indicated that a "buffering" or "playing" command should be sent instead. Here is a brief GIT conversation between the Hue channel Dev and the OpenPHT people discussing how to fix the issue: https://github.com/RasPlex/OpenPHT/issues/72 Is there anything you can do within PKC to fix this issue?


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Tautulli/Tautulli Trakt Scrobbling Plus 1. With Plex getting rid of all plug ins eventually this would fill the need perfectly. 8 months ago


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