Create a docker container of everything connected

vrokolos asked for this feature almost 3 years ago — 5 comments

vrokolos commented almost 3 years ago

| nemchik commented almost 3 years ago Admin

I think bringing up Docker containers of all the apps in Atomic kind of defeats the point of Atomic. Wouldn't you just want to use docker directly at that point? Maybe I'm not understanding what you're asking for.

jarlave commented almost 3 years ago

maybe he wants to select everything in AtoMiC und instad of installing the tools o nthe system it should use docker instead and sonarr,radarr and so onconnected to nzbget correctly, but this is already pissible with docker-compose, der is no need to implement this in AtoMiC

| TommyE123 commented over 2 years ago Admin

As discussed in the linked issue. This is something we are not going to be implementing. There are other services which provide Docker setup environments and ATK is an alternative to them.

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