Bug: Having MicSwitch muted when restarting your computer keeps your mic muted globally.

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andreduvoisin commented 7 days ago

First of all: I love MicSwitch! Thank you so much for working on this.

I've encountered a bug that was very annoying to figure out at first. In essence, if you are in toggle mute mode, and you shut down your computer with your microphone muted, when you boot up your computer again, the microphone stays muted in every application WITHOUT MicSwitch running. In order to unmute it, you must run MicSwitch and unmute.

I would expect the microphone to be in its system default state (i.e. unmuted) if MicSwitch is not running.

Here's a screenshot of my settings: https://snipboard.io/PJLmoI.jpg

Operating system information: https://snipboard.io/bl49Fq.jpg

Reproduction steps:

  • Have settings set to above. (To note: toggle mute and no run at start.)

  • Mute microphone via global hotkey.

  • Start Menu -> Power Button -> Restart

  • When the PC turns back on, without starting up MicSwitch, attempt to use mic (easy to test in Discord).

---> Mic is muted globally.

---> Expected: Mic is unmuted globally.

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