VirtualHere client implementation - external usb devices

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SoulInfernoDE commented about 3 years ago

  • Support for optical drives / external usb devices over IP (especially MakeMKV would profit from a usb dvd drive, which you could be able to directly use dvds onto your NAS from remote hosts per web vncviewer/virtualhere combination for example)

    • add the ability to use optical drives from remote hosts via usbip protocol. I have read and cross read many threads about this. They'll saying that on my NAS the "usbip" module is not included and therefor only a server without dependencies can run. My thought is - could it be possible to include a usbip client in a docker container ? (for example the "virtualhere" client app which is freely available and this has also been talked and discussed by the author: Michael in this forum.)

The app is very thin and small and has cli API which can be used to pass commands like port mapping. I think with a docker envirounment script added with a cli command we could set the port for this in the container and it has reverse connection support which is great to have as it should then be easily usable for the host system to connect an "optical drive" for example.

-> Would be absolutely cool to see this added to your roadmap in the far future

SoulInfernoDE commented about 1 year ago

nice michael :-)

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