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pmsf/PMSF Total Visible Mon Stats 0 In the stats section where you can see counts for each mon currently visible on the map, can we also have a running total at the top. I usually switch between 0IV and 1IV min to gauge how many mons currently have IVs scanned. If possible could even have the two totals displayed (total active mons and total iv scanned mons).
pmsf/PMSF Custom Filters 0 Like how 100IV have a red glow by default. Have custom colour glows for other filters that users can create themselves. Example blue glow for 0IV level 1. This in itself would also allow you to show 0IV and level 1 on the map without every other IV and level also showing, which I don't think is currently possible. Some users might want all level 1 to show on the map regardless of IV and to have a green glow. And others might want all 0IV to show regardless of less and have a purple glow.
pmsf/PMSF Modified Follow Me Options 0 The follow me feature half does what I want here. It keeps my position on the map updated and it also has the option to show spawn radius around me. But when I have follow me enabled the map centre is glued to me, so I can't scroll around and see other things on the map around me. Would like to have up to date position and spawn radius active independently of having the map centre glued to my position.


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