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Radarr/Radarr Move movies even if they are not on the list 110 When I added a movie to SABnzbd for manual download, Radarr never picked it up when finished, and I was told that it only looks for movies that it is looking for, that it knows of. If I need to do that, it adds an extra step that is really unnecessary. Couch Potato does it like a service, movie I see in there, I'm renaming and moving over. This is more aggravating when I learned that I needed to use the Drone Factory Folder for that, but when I tried it, it has to be a folder other that the "from" folder for Radarr. Right now I have Couch Potato on, just to move over my "one offs".
Radarr/Radarr Delete folder from source after moving the file 268 When SABnzbd finishes downloading a movie, it puts it in a folder. When Radarr moves that movie its final destination, it should remove the folder, but it isn't.


Project Feature Comment When
SickRage/SickRage Re-scan files. Every set minutes. For shows that have snatched files. DItto. I'm now starting to record shows via PlexDVR, and it is redundant for SickRage to download an episode already existing. about 4 years ago


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