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evancohen/smart-mirror The fairest of them all. A DIY voice controlled smart mirror with IoT integration. 71 552
evancohen/docs.smart-mirror.io 0 0

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evancohen/smart-mirror Voice Identification (keyword) 2 cybertza commented on Jul 22 in issue #356 ----------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/356 Hi Guys, Was looking at a few of the ID ideas that there are around from the bluetooth distance and so forth but was wondering if it may be worth doing a voice recognition, that you can train for the mirror, or a voice unlock, once the mirror does recognize you with other bio metrics, i like the idea of having all my personal stuff displayed on the mirror, but i am not crazy about the idea of anyone with access to my room knowing for how long i would be at a meeting or what ever the associated risk may be, with either my task list like (collect wife present) or your home cleaning service knowing you have a 3 hour meeting on at a certain time, ag well, you guys can understand the risk of these things, worse case someone steals the mirror and has access to your work address, meeting schedules, to do list. Either way, there is so many possibilities if you think about the windows widgets that you used to get, there is a fountain of ideas there https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/13787/gadgets-have-been-discontinued, http://win7gadgets.com/ http://win7gadgets.com/pc-system/blue-gadgets-set.html
evancohen/smart-mirror Emotion Detection 9 p4ndi4 commented on Oct 17 in issue #411 ------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/411 I know there is a module for face detection to switch between users, but has anyone considered emotion detection (e.g. changing the string that is shown depending on emotion rather than time of day - or both)? The Cognitive Services API in Azure has a free tier and an emotion API that could be used: https://www.microsoft.com/cognitive-services/en-us/emotion-api/documentation.
feathub/feathub Allow for markdown formatting 17 add formatting support with both source and preview editing tabs...
evancohen/smart-mirror Integrate OpenTok APIs for video chat 1 madhavc commented on Oct 25 in issue #419 ------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/419 Opening Issue so we can add it waffle.io and keep track of it.
evancohen/smart-mirror Eat24/UberEats/GrubHub Integration 3 evancohen commented on May 31 in issue#267 ------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/267 The mirror needs Eat24 integration so we can be super lazy and order food to be delivered conveniently to the door.
evancohen/smart-mirror Strava Intergration 3 jonoscott commented on Mar 27 in issue #193 ----------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/193 Would be great if we could integrate Strava into the mirror, I see that Fitbit has just been integrated. I would think that being able to see the latest activity, week to date, month to date would be all that is needed. While I'm not much of a coder (not coding in NodeJS), I've managed to find this: https://github.com/UnbounDev/node-strava-v3 which perhaps someone may be able to use to incorporate it.
evancohen/smart-mirror Switch calendar via Voice Command per User 2 sata73 commented on May 31 in issue #266 ------------------------------------------ https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/266 It would be great to show different calendar or even RSS feeds per user via voice command, eg. "Show Evans calendar" or log in as a user via voice command to show specific content and log out to show default content. It could probably be done by adding users to modules in the config and define if it is for this or for that user or for all.
evancohen/smart-mirror Add Public Transit Time/Schedule Functionality 3 alexkhalaf commented on Apr 2 in issue #210 --------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/210 Can we add transit times to the mirror http://transitapp.com/developers
evancohen/smart-mirror Enhanced Weather Ideas 2 dano25 commented on Feb 23 in issue #110 ----------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/110 Currently, the mirror just shows the forecast for the week, along with the "Next 7 Days" paragraph. Would it be possible to include the weather for today as well? Something as small as showing the "Next 24 Hours" paragraph on the home screen, or something as complex as a voice command for "What's the weather like today?" which would show the forecast every hour for the next 24 hours. Also, would it be possible to have a "Show me the radar" voice command, which brings up a map of precipitation in my area?
evancohen/smart-mirror Caching last data 2 zenyagami commented on Feb 22 in issue # 108 ------------------------------------------ https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/108 Optional to cache data, so if there is no internet connection maybe can display the last available data displayed until internet connection is fixed.
evancohen/smart-mirror Send push notifications or links to phone 10 newtux commented on Feb 21 in issue #107 ----------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/107 Thinking about creating a service that allows you to send general things to your phone from your mirror (say the map you were looking at, one of the top news stories, calendar entries, etc.). https://pushover.net/ seems like the most straightfoward way to acomplish this.
evancohen/smart-mirror CSS Themes 3 trenkert commented on Jun 1 in issue #269 ------------------------------------------ https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/269 The default theme is nice but I'd like an option where the font weight is a little bolder. I can, of course, do this manually for each module. But I would prefer having the option of different themes. ============================ evancohen commented on Jun 1 -------------------------- A theme system already exists (see icesnow in the config documentation). Can you be a bit more specific about what you want? ============================ GobleSt commented on Jun 9 ------------------------- A more simple method of customizing the main interface, such as including more/different features or excluding unwanted features other than playing with css would be real nice for those of us who do not actually want to learn cascading style sheets....? I would like to simply move the greeting to the bottom of the window and include newsfeeds.
evancohen/smart-mirror RFID/NFC Authentication system 5 cxcornel commented on Apr 6 in issue #214 -------------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/214 Can you add some sort of authentication system for multi-user usage? This way it can store preferences and be used also as an alarm system using Motion detection(webcam) or PIR sensor.
evancohen/smart-mirror integration of streaming audio services 42 HelloExactly commented on Jun 26 in issue #308 -------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/308 I see Spotify as API's and documentation available. Would be great to get that in the mix. ===================================================== SenadM commented on Feb 4 in issue #57 -------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/57 Could be Spotify, Apple music etc, "Play the top ten list" "Play this song" Etc. It could be great.
evancohen/smart-mirror Audio/Video Mute on KWS 2 HelloExactly commented on Jun 24 in issue #306 ----------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/306 For example, If I say "Smart Mirror, show me Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer" the trailer will play fine, it seems to have a bit of trouble distinguishing your voice from the video audio, but it works. Problem being, once the keyword is activated, the mic picks up the words from the video, rendering your command useless, and you simply have to wait for the video to end before issuing another command. Is there a way to mute playback once the KWS is active? That would be ideal.
evancohen/smart-mirror Slideshow mode 2 trenkert commented on Jun 1 in issue #268 -------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/268 for screens that are smaller or have a lower resolution. The idea is that different modules like weather, calendar, greetings are shown as rotating slides. Only when a voice command is activated, the screen stays fixed (and shows a map, for instance).
evancohen/smart-mirror Tesla API support 2 drewgould commented on Jul 31 in issue #367 --------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/367 I'm adding Tesla API support to allow checking some common things about the status of a vehicle. Thinking about showing the vehicle name, charge level/charge status and adding voice commands to toggle on and set the HVAC temperature and summon the vehicle out of the garage. I'd be happy to submit it for review for broader inclusion once it's ready.
evancohen/smart-mirror Social Media Integration 25 wuast94 commented on Apr 20 in issue #227 ---------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/227 It would be nice to impliment feed from Social Media
evancohen/smart-mirror Add johnny-five support for IR/Motion/Ultra Sonic detection to wake the mirror 4 Referenced in: https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/64 and https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/326 After several attemps and even using a python script its been determined that johnny-five is the best way to implement this functionality webpage: johnny-five.io
evancohen/smart-mirror White is boring....what about adding some colors? 1 GobleSt commented on Oct 2 in issue #404 -------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/404 Let's spice things up a bit and add some color or maybe scroll the stocks....something to add some pizzazz.
evancohen/smart-mirror Integration with Wunderlist 1 stephwe commented on Apr 6 in issue #216 --------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/216 I think it would be very cool and useful to integrate Wunderlist. https://developer.wunderlist.com/documentation
evancohen/smart-mirror Add support for multiple fitbit users 1 Prahli commented on Mar 29 in issue #199 -------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/199 I was wondering if it would be possible to add a second fitbit user. As my girlfriend and I use the same mirror and both have a Fitbit it would be nice to see the stats of both of us. As I understand the config, it wouldn´t be necessary to make a hole new config entry but another token with credentials of the second user is needed. And it has to be implemented in the GUI as well. Poorly as I am no developer I have no idea how to start this so I write it down here with hope of more skilled persons than me.
evancohen/smart-mirror Integration of home Automation 63 @hyp3rx commented November 8, 2016 on issue #423 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/423 Hello, it would be nice if we can integrate Pimatic home-automatation. Maybe partially... for Temp-sensors, status ... From website: pimatic is a home automation framework that runs on node.js. It provides a common extensible platform for home control and automation tasks. Uniform interface It defines several schemata for different home devices and sensors, so that all devices can be controled uniform and are presented in a common interface. Automation tasks can be defined by rules in the form of "if this then that", where the "this" and the "that" part can be fully customized by plugins. See the rule page for more details. The mobile frontend plugin provides a nice web frontend with a sensor overview, device control and rule definition. The web interface is build using express and jQuery Mobile. https://pimatic.org =============================================== danielccm commented on Feb 18 in issue #96 -------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/96 It would be useful for, for example, those lights that aren't Hue, or to switch the coffee maker on from the bathroom... Or open the door from the basement, or whatever needs might show up... ============================== icopp commented on Mar 15 in issue #164 -------------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/164 Home Assistant is an open-source smart house hub app that's meant to link lots of different platforms (for example, it already has support for Insteon hubs, Nest, Wink, generic Z-Wave devices, etc etc). You can do quite a lot of automation in it (take a look at their Examples page for more of an idea). Integration with this project could give lots of interesting benefits - for example, being able to trigger from a motion sensor on any of HA's supported platforms in order to wake up the smart mirror automatically. What would be needed would probably be something like: adding a basic REST-type interface to Smart Mirror adding a Smart Mirror module to HA that connects to that interface Commands aren't hardcoded in HA and can have arbitrary payloads, so the module on the HA side could be quite generic as long as it knows how to interpret anything it's getting back for Smart Mirror device status ("screen is on/off", etc).
evancohen/smart-mirror Alexa Voice Services API Suggestion 82 martinakmckay commented November 7, 2016 on issue number 420 and 431 -------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/420 https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/431 I thought it would be cool for the Mirror to do the whole Alexa thing. ( @evancohen :) ) The audio and hotword detection is perfect - I am using kitt.ai for the hotword. I now need to dig through the code and compare the audio configs to see what changes to bring from the Alexa project.
evancohen/smart-mirror test feature... re-open suggestion 0 i'm using this just to test the ability to re-open a suggestion on feathub
evancohen/smart-mirror Any interest in www.todoist.com service? 2 yaydogan commented on Jun 13 in issue 292 -------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/292 I have a working service for www.todoist.com. If there is enough interest and people think it is not redundant to the existing reminder service, I can create a PR for this function. @evancohen what is your take?
evancohen/smart-mirror Additional timer functionality 1 ikucukkaya commented on Jun 9 ---------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/281 Can the timer wink when time is up? or something like that.
evancohen/smart-mirror Mirror Service 5 evancohen commented on May 11 in issue #248 ----------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/248 In an attempt to make the mirror more user friendly, we should add a service to manage mirror operations: Let you control the power of the mirror remotely (Possibly via something like Home Assistant or other home automation tool). Run a command on the mirror remotely (for testing purposes) Uses the GitHub API to check the release version for updates. Let's you update the mirror via a voice command (this may be problematic because of occasional breaking changes in the config) Other suggestions are welcome!
evancohen/smart-mirror Plex integration similar to Soundcloud and Youtube. 10 GobleSt commented on Jun 10 in issue #285 ---------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/285 I serve up photos, music, tv and movies using Plex Media Server and I would love to be able to search for a song or show using voice commands on the mirror.
evancohen/smart-mirror Trakt.tv Integration 5 MrLegendary commented on Mar 22 in issue #176 ------------------------------------ https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/176 Would it bo possible to add trakt.tv integration, so I can see my watchlist from trakt on my mirror?
evancohen/smart-mirror TV Live Stream 30 FrankMatheis commented on Mar 7 in issue #140 --------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/140 Wouldn't it be great to have the mirror play live tv streams? For example "show me news channel" Is that possible?
evancohen/smart-mirror FHEM Support 3 capfirepants commented on Aug 30 in issue #385 ------------------------------------------------------------------ https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/385 From the Website: FHEM (TM) is a GPL'd perl server for house automation. It is used to automate some common tasks in the household like switching lamps / shutters / heating / etc. and to log events like temperature / humidity / power consumption. The program runs as a server, you can control it via web or smartphone frontends, telnet or TCP/IP directly. Support for FHEM devices to be controlled over Voice would be amazing. It would open up the possibility to turn on TVs, open Doors and other supported hardware, which there is lots of. It can even run on routers and if OS, 2 other huge plus points!
evancohen/smart-mirror Ios reminders / Amazon echo shopping list 10 TheCellMC commented on Oct 17 in issue #410 ------------------------------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/410 A welcome feature would be the added support to reminders (ios, Android) or the support for the amazon echo shopping list. Then you could just ask the smartmirror to display your shopping list.
evancohen/smart-mirror Sports Scores pulled from Yahoo API 6 kryptics commented on Feb 16 in issue #86 ------------------------------------------ https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/86 Evan suggested looking at the weather js - i guess the idea would be to show the current sports scores like in the yahoo sports site maybe across the bottom of the screen, and they would up date automatically. You could just enter the names of sports teams into the config and it would show you scores. (it doesn't have to be yahoo, but at the moment i think thats the only free one, maybe google has one too)
evancohen/smart-mirror Face Detection 49 Shubham0209 commented on Feb 6 in issue #59 ------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/59 Wouldn't it be nice that instead of showing a single comment all the time, mirror may show different comments and greet us based on the detected face. Can you suggest me any method to so. Moreover i would also like to "HOW TO USE PUSHBULLET API". Basically being a newbie i don't know how and where to add these api code. please can you tell me about this in detail. THANKS!!!
evancohen/smart-mirror Check E-Mail 29 SenadM commented on Jan 26 in issue #45 --------------------------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/45 Would be nice to add under the calendar. Your latest 4-5 mails showing up.
evancohen/smart-mirror Implement Wolfram Alpha api 2 SenadM commented on Jan 24 in issue #40 ------------------- https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/40 Would be a great addition to the mirror. Help about the API here: http://products.wolframalpha.com/api/documentation.html
evancohen/smart-mirror Should we work to fix current issue with fitbit? 3 Currently the main contributors do not use fitbit. We have issue [#350](https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/issues/350) open but need help resolving it... faced amongst fixing fitbit and other issues brings up the question as to who uses it and how critical is this plugin. please vote or down vote this so we can get an idea of its importance to the community.
evancohen/smart-mirror Paginate "What Can I Say?" 12 allow for pagination on the what can i say screen so that it doesn't run off the screen...


Project Feature Comment When
evancohen/smart-mirror Add johnny-five support for IR/Motion/Ultra Sonic detection to wake the mirror This is now merged to dev and master almost 5 years ago
evancohen/smart-mirror Alexa Voice Services API Suggestion https://www.npmjs.com/package/alexa-voice-service almost 5 years ago
feathub/feathub Notify repository owner when new features are suggested notification when someone comments on a feature suggestion or some way to be able to see if someone commented... almost 5 years ago
evancohen/smart-mirror Add johnny-five support for IR/Motion/Ultra Sonic detection to wake the mirror I've finished this using johnny-five https://github.com/justbill2020/smart-mirror/tree/johnny-five is the current branch i have it implemented in... we're waiting for the PR to be merged into the dev branch on https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/tree/dev... the PR is https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/pull/464 for tracking purposes... as soon as this is merged i'll be closing this feature request... almost 5 years ago
evancohen/smart-mirror Twitter/Facebook Feed http://feathub.com/evancohen/smart-mirror/+23 about 5 years ago
evancohen/smart-mirror Bing News API Integration cool concept... and way more advanced than the RSS feed... something to look at for sure... concern is most people don't have a mouse or keyboard hooked up to scroll and read the news... we would need to have a way to send the link to an email or some other service like https://getpocket.com/developer/ to do a read later type function that can be viewed on other devices... about 5 years ago
evancohen/smart-mirror Check E-Mail this most likely would be better just to display a notification that there is email... "myemail@randomdomain.com has X new messages" about 5 years ago
evancohen/smart-mirror Example feature suggestion Ok I'm getting my laptop and sitting in bed moving suggestions over about 5 years ago
evancohen/smart-mirror Example feature suggestion However thumbs up and down is super useful... about 5 years ago
evancohen/smart-mirror Example feature suggestion This seems cool hopefully they drink their own kool aid and we can have them add something for priority and labeling about 5 years ago


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over 4 years ago evancohen/smart-mirror Audio/Video Mute on KWS
over 4 years ago evancohen/smart-mirror Plugins instead of services
about 5 years ago evancohen/smart-mirror Social Media Integration
about 5 years ago evancohen/smart-mirror Twitter/Facebook Feed
about 5 years ago evancohen/smart-mirror Integration of home Automation
about 5 years ago evancohen/smart-mirror Paginate "What Can I Say?"
about 5 years ago evancohen/smart-mirror integration of streaming audio services
about 5 years ago evancohen/smart-mirror Add johnny-five support for IR/Motion/Ultra Sonic detection to wake the mirror
about 5 years ago evancohen/smart-mirror Alexa Voice Services API Suggestion
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Allow for markdown formatting
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Notify the members of the team that new changed made of their repository
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Stop double submissions when the submit button is double clicked
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Import features from Github issues
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Refresh the list of projects
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Search box
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Allow repository contributors/admins to mark feature as "in progress"
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Edit comments
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Add tags or labels to a repository
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Let admin merge feature requests
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Notify repository owner when new features are suggested
about 5 years ago feathub/feathub Rely on GitHub issues as a data source
about 5 years ago evancohen/smart-mirror Example feature suggestion