Give Raspberry Température

Sellig28 asked for this feature almost 4 years ago — 4 comments

Sellig28 commented almost 4 years ago

It will be interesting to get raspberry pi temperature to activate a fan if in an external box.

cedricve commented almost 4 years ago Admin

Sellig28, how do you see the activation function. This is probably something you want to write your own?

carriba commented over 3 years ago

From a back end side, you can query the temperature with the following UNIX command: awk '{printf "%3.1f°C\n", $1/1000}' /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

It should then be a matter of collecting the query results of this command and represent the historical X points maybe under the "System" panel of the fornt-end portal.

You can get the same results with the command: vcgencmd measure_temp

FloThinksPi commented about 2 years ago

Hardware related metrics do not belong to kerberos in any way. I Mean this is a Camera/CCTV Station and not some sort of Hardware monitoring. You should use other software like Graphana or Prometheus to watch System metrics.

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