MultiCam Dashboard/Overview

bazzly1 asked for this feature 4 months ago — 4 comments

bazzly1 commented 4 months ago

A screen that shows all your Kerberos cams. So if you have 10 cams, you can view all live video and cam names on one screen. And if possible, if you click on the cam name, it will direct you to that cams dashboard.

| bazzly1 commented 4 months ago

Not sure how possible this is, but to extend the Dashboard/Overview...When an update is released, have an option to be able to select all the Kerberos Cams that you want to be updated, and update them. A one stop shop to do updates to all machines. Make sense?

| znorris commented 3 months ago

I'd love to see more robust multi-camera support. The current suggestion of running a set of docker containers (1 web, 1 machine) is a nice work around for the issue but silly.

| wcomartin commented 8 days ago

I'd love to see multi-cam support in the web-ui as well, even if you had to have multiple machine docker instances.

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