Record Audio

bazzly1 asked for this feature about 3 years ago — 4 comments

bazzly1 commented about 3 years ago

Most USB Cams have a mic on them. Not sure how possible this is, but how about being able to record only audio, or both audio and video? Or perhaps even sound detection...?

| straccio commented over 2 years ago

And the two ways audio?

| davidjb commented about 2 years ago

Both audio and video would be ideal; the IP camera streams I'm working with have audio so it's an easy win to capture that at the same time as the video. Perhaps audio could be another detector and trigger recording (like motion does in video currently) -- could be very useful in the case of something happening off-camera or if too dark etc.

| rajeshkrarora1 commented about 2 years ago

To have two way audio is ideal, but having one way is good enough for surveillance

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